EOL Policy

To better serve our customers and maintain the best quality products, Adaptive Computing will implement the following end of life (EOL) and end of service life (EOSL) dates. End of life occurs when the software version is no longer patched or tested by Adaptive Computing Engineering. End of service life occurs when the software version is no longer supported by Adaptive Computing Support and Services. Adaptive Computing’s policy is to support software for the most current released version and one previous version, or up to two years after the release date.

Moab EOL

VersionRelease DateEOL DateEOSL Date
Moab 9.1.x2016-11-102025-12-312025-12-31
Moab 9.0.x2015-10-212017-08-312019-02-28
Moab 8.1.x2015-01-202016-12-312018-06-30
Moab 8.0.x2014-07-152016-06-302017-12-31
Moab 7.2.x2012-11-262015-06-302016-12-31
Moab 7.1.x2012-07-282014-02-102015-08-10
Moab 7.0.x2012-02-222012-11-262014-04-26
Moab 6.1.x2011-07-212013-07-212015-01-21
Moab 6.0.x2010-12-152012-12-152014-06-15
Moab 5.4.x2010-04-202012-06-012013-12-01
Moab 5.3.x2008-12-012012-06-012013-12-01



VersionRelease DateEOL DateEOSL Date
TORQUE 6.1.x2016-11-102025-12-312025-12-31
TORQUE 6.0.x2015-10-212017-08-312019-02-28
TORQUE 5.1.x2015-01-202016-12-312018-06-30
TORQUE 5.0.x2014-07-152016-06-302017-12-31
TORQUE 4.2.x2012-11-262015-06-302016-12-31
TORQUE 4.1.x2012-06-282014-02-102015-08-10
TORQUE 4.0.x2012-02-212012-11-262014-04-26
TORQUE 3.0.x2010-12-062012-11-262014-04-26
TORQUE 2.5.x2010-07-202013-07-202015-01-20
TORQUE 2.4.x2009-11-022012-06-012013-12-01
TORQUE 2.3.x2008-03-102012-06-012013-12-01


Other EOL

VersionRelease DateEOL DateEOSL DateRecommended Upgrade
Gold 2.0n/a2012-02-22
Replaced by MAM in 7.0.0
2013-08-22Moab HPC Suite Enterprise Edition 7.2.x
Viewpoint 2.xn/a2012-02-22
Replaced by Viewpoint in 7.0.0
2013-08-22Moab Viewpoint 7.2.x
Moab Cluster Manager (MCM)n/a2014-07-14
2016-01-14Moab Viewpoint 8.1.x