Training Resources and Services

Adaptive Computing training services and content focuses on empowering customers with the knowledge and skills to implement and get the full value out of their Adaptive Computing product and solution investments. Customers gain knowledge and hands on experience from our product and solution experts in a high quality, instructor-led training format.

Existing and evaluating customers can request a specific training or tailored training package from an existing range of training courses and content on Adaptive Computing products and technologies, so you pay for just the training you need. You can request training by contacting your account manager to discuss the type, options, costs, and timing for the training you need. Please email if you need assistance in identifying your organization’s account manager.

Training Offerings

Adaptive Computing training can be purchased in 1-Day, 3-Day or custom durations and can be conducted remotely, at Adaptive Computing’s training facility or onsite to the customer. 1-Day training is more generally instruction only, while 3-Day training includes more in-depth training on a broader set of subjects and includes hands on practice sessions and testing.

  • 1-Day Basic Instruction-based Training
1 Day Training Topics    
Introduction to Moab Cloud / TorqueReservations INode Allocation OverviewMoab Cloud Accounting Manager OverviewNitro Overview
Job SubmissionMoab Cloud Job Priorities and FairshareBasic TroubleshootingViewpoint Overview
  • 3-Day Hands-On Training
Day 1HoursDay 2HoursDay 3Hours
Introduction to Moab Cloud/Torque1Moab Cloud Access Control, Moab Cloud Class Credentials*1.5Backfill*.5
Moab Cloud Installation Lab Exercises2Moab Cloud QoS Overview*.5Moab Cloud Job Priorities*.5
Job Submission1Moab Cloud Remap Class Overview*.5Fairshare*1
Job Submission Lab Exercises1Identity Managers*.5Generics Overview*1
Moab Cloud Job Arrays Overview*.5Viewpoint Overview*1.5Introduction to Triggers*1
Nitro Overview*.5MPI Jobs*.5Job Dependencies and Job Templates Overview*.5
Data Staging*.5Reservations I1Node Sets Overview*.5
Reservations II & Condo Model Overview*1Node Allocation Overview*.5
Troubleshooting (Timeline, Diagnostics, System Behavior and Problems) *Break/Fix Hands-on Lab1.5
Moab Cloud Accounting Manager*.5
NUMA-Aware Scheduling.5
*Includes Lab Exercises
  • Custom Training
    • Custom training is built by selecting the modules identified in the 3-Day training or adding additional modules and grouping them to meet the needs of the individual site.
  •  Remote, Adaptive Site or Customer Site
    • Remote Training:  Per-Person Rate (Via Gotomeeting)
    • Adaptive Site:  Per-Person Rate + Meal Charge (Participant Travel Not Included)
    • Onsite Training:  Up to 15 Participants, Includes Trainer Travel Costs

Viewpoint Portal Training

Viewpoint is a rich, easy-to-use portal for end-users and administrators, designed to increase productivity through its visual web-based interface, powerful job management features, and other workload functions. The portal provides greater self-sufficiency for end-users while reducing administrator overhead in High Performance Computing (HPC).

This training video walks through the following basic job submission processes:

  • General layout
  • Submitting a job
  • Monitoring a job
  • Viewing job output