Moab HPC Suite Remote Visualization Edition

Removing Inefficiencies in Current 3D Visualization Methods

Using 3D and 2D visualization, valuable data is interpreted and new innovations are discovered. There are numerous inefficiencies in how current technical computing methods support users and organizations in achieving these discoveries in a cost effective way.  High-cost workstations and their software are often not fully utilized by the limited user(s) that have access to them.  They are also costly to manage and they don’t keep pace long with workload technology requirements.  In addition, the workstation model also requires slow transfers of the large data sets between them. This is costly and inefficient in network bandwidth, user productivity, and team collaboration while posing increased data and security risks.  There is a solution that removes these inefficiencies using new technical cloud computing models. Moab® HPC Suite – Remote Visualization Edition significantly reduces the costs of visualization technical computing while improving the productivity, collaboration and security of the design and research process.

Reduce the Costs of Visualization Technical Computing

Moab HPC Suite – Remote Visualization Edition significantly reduces the hardware, network and management costs of visualization technical computing. It enables you to create easy, centralized access to shared visualization compute, application and data resources. These compute, application,  and data resources reside in a technical compute cloud in your data center instead of in  expensive and underutilized individual workstations.

  • Reduce hardware costs by consolidating expensive individual technical workstations into centralized visualization servers for higher utilization by multiple users; reduce additive or upgrade technical workstation or specialty hardware purchases, such as GPUs, for individual users.
  • Reduce management costs by moving from remote user workstations that are difficult and expensive to maintain, upgrade, and back-up to centrally managed visualization servers that require less admin overhead
  • Decrease network access costs and congestion as significantly lower loads of just compressed, visualized pixels are moving to users, not full data sets
  • Reduce energy usageas centralized visualization servers consume less energy for the user demand met
  • Reduce data storage costs by consolidating data into common storage node(s) instead of under-utilized individual storage


Improve Collaboration, Productivity and Security

With Moab HPC Suite – Remote Visualization Edition, you can improve the productivity, collaboration and security of the design and research process by only transferring pixels instead of data to users to do their simulations and analysis. This enables a wider range of users to collaborate and be more productive at any time, on the same data, from anywhere without any data transfer time lags or security issues. Users also have improved immediate access to specialty applications and resources‒like GPUs‒ they might need for a project so they are no longer limited by personal workstation constraints or to a single working location.

  • Improve workforce collaboration by enabling multiple users to access and collaborate on the same interactive application data at the same time from almost any location or device, with little or no training needed
  • Eliminate data transfer time lags for users by keeping data close to the visualization applications and compute resources instead of transferring back and forth to remote workstations; only smaller compressed pixels are transferred
  • Improve security with centralized data storage so data no longer gets transferred to where it shouldn’t, gets lost, or gets inappropriately accessed on remote workstations, only pixels get moved

Maximize Utilization and Shared Resource Guarantees

Moab HPC Suite – Remote Visualization Edition maximizes your resource utilization and scalability while guaranteeing shared resource access to users and groups with optimized workload management policies. Moab’s patented policy intelligence engine optimizes the scheduling of the visualization sessions across the shared resources to maximize standard and specialty resource utilization, helping them scale to support larger volumes of visualization workloads.  These intelligent policies also guarantee shared resource access to users to ensure a high service level as they transition from individual workstations.

  • Guarantee shared visualization resource access for users with priority policies and usage budgets that ensure they receive the appropriate service level. Policies include session priorities and reservations, number of users per node, fairshare usage policies, and usage accounting and budgets across multiple groups or users.
  • Maximize resource utilization and scalability by packing visualization workload optimally on shared servers using Moab allocation and scheduling policies.  These policies can include optimal resource allocation by visualization session characteristics (like CPU, memory, etc.), workload packing, number of users per node, and GPU policies, etc.
  • Improve application license utilization to reduce software costs and improve access with a common pool of 3D visualization applications shared across multiple users, with usage optimized by intelligent Moab allocation policies, integrated with license managers.
  • Optimized scheduling and management of GPUs and other accelerators to maximize their utilization and effectiveness
  • Enable multiple Windows or Linux user sessions on a single machine managed by Moab to maximize resource and power utilization.
  • Enable dynamic OS re-provisioning on resources, managed by Moab, to optimally meet changing visualization application workload demand and maximize resource utilization and availability to users.

Innovation and Competitive Advantage at a Lower Cost

Leverage Adaptive Computing’s HPC and cloud expertise and award winning Moab product to more efficiently access and accelerate the opportunities technical computing can deliver your organization.  Your engineers, designers, and scientists will be able to move from data and ideas to competitive produces and new discoveries faster and at a lower cost than ever before. Moab HPC Suite- Remote Visualization Edition gives you the benefits of more efficient, next generation visualization methods with enhanced user productivity and collaboration as well.

Managing the World’s Top Systems, Ready to Manage Yours

Moab manages the largest, most scale-intensive and complex high performance computing environments in the world.  This includes many of the Top500, leading commercial, and innovative research HPC systems. Adaptive Computing is the largest supplier of HPC workload management software. Adaptive’s Moab HPC Suite and TORQUE rank #1 and #2 as the most used scheduling/workload management software at HPC sites and Adaptive is the #1 vendor used across unique HPC sites. [1,2] [1] According to the IDC HPC End-user Study of System Software and Middleware in Technical Computing, 2013

[2] According to the 2012 HPC Site Census Survey: Middleware, December 2012, by Intersect360 Research