Moab HPC Suite Grid Option Overview


Flexible Grid Workload Management Architecture

Moab HPC Suite – Grid Option is architected to manage on top of the existing multiple job resource managers and other types of resource managers across the multiple clusters in your grid environment. This enables it to quickly provide unified policy-based workload scheduling optimization, and management. It extends the value of Moab HPC Suite Basic and Enterprise Edition by automating and unifying complex workload decisions and actions across multiple clusters. It utilizes the Moab intelligence engine and all of the data it integrates from the various resource managers to orchestrate the job and management actions through your existing resource managers based on policies. This makes it the ideal choice to integrate with existing and new systems and clusters as well as to manage your grid as it grows and expands in the future.

Moab HPC Suite – Grid Option can be architected in three flexible grid management configurations; centralized, centralized and local, or peer-to-peer grid policies, decisions and rules. Its unique ability to manage multiple resource managers and multiple Moab instances makes this flexibility possible.


Centralized and/or local management

Local Management – “peer-to-peer”