Moab HPC Suite Application Portal Edition

Remove the Barriers to Harnessing HPC

Organizations of all sizes and types are looking to harness the potential of high performance computing (HPC) to enable and accelerate more competitive product design and research. To do this, you must find a way to extend the power of HPC resources to designers, researchers and engineers not familiar with or trained on using the specialized HPC technologies. Simplifying the user access to and interaction with applications running on more efficient HPC clusters removes the barriers to discovery and innovation for all types of departments and organizations. Moab® HPC Suite – Application Portal Edition provides easy single-point access to common technical applications, data, HPC resources, and job submissions to accelerate research analysis and collaboration process for end users while reducing computing costs.

HPC Ease of Use Drives Productivity

Moab HPC Suite – Application Portal Edition improves ease of use and productivity for end users using HPC resources with single-point access to their common technical applications, data, resources, and job submissions across the design and research process. It simplifies the specification and running of jobs on HPC resources to a few simple clicks on an application specific template with key capabilities including:

  • Application-centric job submission templates for common manufacturing, energy, life-sciences, education and other industry technical applications
  • Support for batch and interactive applications, such as simulations or analysis sessions, to accelerate the full project or design cycle
  • No special HPC training required to enable more users to start accessing HPC resources with intuitive portal
  • Distributed data management avoids unnecessary remote file transfers for users, storing data optimally on the network for easy access and protection, and optimizing file transfer to/ from user desktops if needed


Accelerate Collaboration While Maintaining Control

More and more projects are done across teams and with partner and industry organizations. Moab HPC Suite – Application Portal Edition enables you to accelerate this collaboration between individuals and teams while maintaining control as additional users, inside and outside the organization, can easily and securely access project applications, HPC resources and data to speed project cycles. Key capabilities and benefits you can leverage are:

  • Encrypted and controllable access, by class of user, services, application or resource, for remote and partner users improves collaboration while protecting infrastructure and intellectual property
  • Enable multi-site, globally available HPC services available anytime, anywhere, accessible through many different types of devices via a standard web browser
  • Reduced client requirements for projects means new project members can quickly contribute without being limited by their desktop capabilities

Reduce Costs with Optimized Utilization and Sharing

Moab HPC Suite – Application Portal Edition reduces the costs of technical computing by optimizing resource utilization and the sharing of resources including HPC compute nodes, application licenses, and network storage. The patented Moab intelligence engine and its powerful policies deliver value in key areas of utilization and sharing:

  • Maximize HPC resource utilization with intelligent, optimized scheduling policies that pack and enable more work to be done on HPC resources to meet growing and changing demand
  • Optimize application license utilization and access by sharing application licenses in a pool, re-using and optimizing usage with allocation policies that integrate with license managers for lower costs and better service levels to a broader set of users
  • Usage budgeting and priorities enforcement with usage accounting and priority policies that ensure resources are shared in-line with service level agreements and project priorities
  • Leverage and fully utilize centralized storage capacity instead of duplicative, expensive, and underutilized individual workstation storage

Key Intelligent Workload Management Capabilities:

  • Massive multi-point scalability
  • Workload-optimized allocation policies and provisioning
  • Unify workload management cross heterogeneous clusters
  • Optimized, intelligent scheduling
  • Optimized scheduling and management of accelerators (both  Intel MIC and GPGPUs)
  •  Administrator dashboards and reporting tools
  • Workload-aware auto power management
  • Intelligent resource placement to prevent job failures
  • Auto-response to failures and events
  • Workload-aware future maintenance scheduling
  • Usage accounting and budget enforcement
  • SLA and priority polices
  • Continuous plus future scheduling

Drive Your Innovation and Competitive Advantage

Leverage Adaptive Computing’s HPC expertise and award winning Moab product to access or expand the opportunities HPC can deliver your organization.  Your engineers, designers, and scientists will no longer have to be HPC experts to use the power of HPC to take their projects to whole new levels of speed, innovation, and competitive advantage. Moab HPC Suite- Application Portal Edition gives you the benefits of enhanced user productivity and tools with optimized workload management for HPC system efficiency to reduce costs as well.

Managing the World’s Top Systems, Ready to Manage Yours

Moab manages the largest, most scale-intensive and complex high performance computing environments in the world.  This includes many of the Top500, leading commercial, and innovative research HPC systems. Adaptive Computing is the largest supplier of HPC workload management software. Adaptive’s Moab HPC Suite and TORQUE rank #1 and #2 as the most used scheduling/workload management software at HPC sites and Adaptive is the #1 vendor used across unique HPC sites. [1,2] [1] According to the IDC HPC End-user Study of System Software and Middleware in Technical Computing, 2013

[2] According to the 2012 HPC Site Census Survey: Middleware, December 2012, by Intersect360 Research