Compare Moab HPC Suite Editions

Choose the Moab HPC Suite That’s Right for You

This following chart provides a high-level comparison of the difference in key use cases and capabilities that are enabled between the different editions of Moab® HPC Suite to intelligently manage and optimize HPC workload efficiency.  Customers can use this chart to help determine which edition will best address their HPC workload management challenges, maximize their workload and resource productivity, and help them meet their service level performance goals. To explore any use cases or capability compared in the chart further, see the HPC Workload Management Use Cases.

  • Basic Edition is best for static, non-dynamic basic clusters of all sizes who want to optimize workload throughput and utilization while balancing priorities
  • Enterprise Edition is best for large clusters with dynamic, mission-critical workloads and complex service levels and priorities to balance.  It is also for organizations who want to integrate or who require HPC Cloud capabilities for their HPC cluster systems. Enterprise Edition provides additional uses cases these organizations need such as: Accounting for usage of cluster resources for usage budgeting and pay-for-use showback or chargeback
    • Workload optimized node provisioning
    • Heterogeneous, multi-cluster workload management
    • Workload-aware power management
  • Application Portal Edition is suited for customers who need an application-centric job submission experience to simplify and extend high performance computing to more users without requiring specialized HPC training.  It provides all the benefits of the Enterprise Edition plus meeting these requirements with a technical computing application portal that supports most common applications in manufacturing, oil & gas, life sciences, academic, government and other industries.
  • Remote Visualization Edition is suited for customers with many users, internally or external to their organization, of 3D/CAE/CAD and other visualization applications who want to reduce the hardware, networking and management costs of running their visualization workloads.  This edition also provides the added benefits of improved workforce productivity and collaboration while optimizing the utilization and guaranteeing shared resource access for users moving from technical workstations to more efficient shared resources in a technical compute cloud. It provides all the benefits of the Enterprise Edition plus providing these additional capabilities and benefits.