Adaptive Computing Acquired by ALA Services

PROVO, UT (September 2, 2016) – Adaptive Computing, provider of award-winning workload and resource orchestration software, announces it has been acquired by ALA Services LLC (ALA), the investment entity of Arthur L. Allen, founder, former President and CEO of ASG Software Solutions Inc.  Art Allen and team bring a wealth of experience in understanding software platforms used for intelligent decisions in distributed computing environments and with this acquisition they can now leverage their vast knowledge to enhance Adaptive Computing’s ability to automate intelligent decisions in the workload and resource orchestration software market.

In addition to the insight and experience added in this acquisition, ALA operates on a corporate shared-services model that will provide added marketing, sales, financial and legal value added services to Adaptive Computing.

ALA is currently beginning a new round of technology investments and has as its objective to acquire and grow its combined portfolio of companies to more than a half a billion in annual revenues.

“I am thrilled with our acquisition of Adaptive Computing.  I have been helping customer gain insights into better decisions and improve efficiencies across their computing environment for many years, and with Adaptive Computing we have a platform which can automate the decision processes that save customers tens of thousands to even millions of dollars as they implement their software-defined infrastructures.” – Arthur Allen, Founder & CEO, ALA Services LLC

Adaptive Computing’s platform “Moab Workload Manager” automates application workload placement and resource orchestration in the High Performance Computing (HPC), High Throughput Computing (HTC), and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) markets.  With this acquisition Adaptive Computing adds new expertise and infrastructure to better service is current and growing customer base.

About Adaptive Computing

Moab, Adaptive Computing’s workload and resource orchestration software platform, is a world leader in dynamically optimizing large-scale computing environments. Moab intelligently places workloads and adapts resources to optimize application performance, increase system utilization and achieve organizational objectives. Moab’s unique intelligent and predictive capabilities evaluate the impact of future orchestration decisions across diverse workload domains (HPC, HTC, Big Data, and Cloud VMs), thereby optimizing cost reduction, speeding product delivery and driving a competitive advantage.

About ALA Services LLC

ALA, a veteran owned company, operates on a corporate shared-services model — achieving synergies across acquired Companies — driving increased equity value. ALA is actively negotiating M&A opportunities in the mature Software technology space with the objective of growing an enterprise software company — in which acquired companies will remain separate entities under the ALA Services umbrella.


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