NODUS Data Grid

NODUS Data Grid

NODUS Data Grid seamlessly moves data to and from any location including private, public, and hybrid clouds.

It adapts to your unique transfer requirements, efficiently moving data from point A to point B or across multiple end points quickly and securely.

NODUS Data Grid transfers data to the cloud at maximum pipe speed and concurrently propagates the data to every node in the cloud at the same time. When the upload is completed, the propagation to an unlimited number of nodes is complete.

NODUS Data Grid Cloud Migration Features:

  • Ideal for Cloud Bursting jobs or moving workloads with large amounts of data
  • Transfers large amounts of data for not only Cloud Bursting but all provisioning to the cloud
  • When a job provisions in the cloud, the data can stay in the cloud, be brought back on-premise, or be destroyed automatically when the job completes
  • All encrypted; solves the security issue for large amounts of data being moved
  • NODUS Data Grid operates in Enterprise systems or with HPC ecosystems
  • Moves data to and from any location and supports all major public clouds of any size, as well as private cloud infrastructures



NODUS Data Grid Datasheet

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Adaptive Computing’s NODUS Cloud Solutions support Google Cloud, AWS, Azure, Oracle Cloud, Open Telekom Cloud, and HUAWEI Cloud out of the box from a common provider API and continue to support all Enterprise on-premise and cloud use cases such as Dev Ops, High Performance Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data, and Hybrid IT.