Adaptive Computing Releases NODUS 3.0, Making it Easy to Rapidly Spin Up HPC Clusters and Move Workloads to the Cloud

Adaptive Computing has announced the GA release of NODUS 3.0.

NODUS is a highly flexible and extendable solution that allows HPC systems to “burst” additional workload to an external cloud automatically based on backlog or on demand, increasing capacity without adding hardware or capital expenditures.

The new version has all the features of previous versions and offers scores of enhancements, including the ability to launch or scale-up HPC clusters in minutes. It can be installed anywhere, on Adaptive Computing’s site, the customer site, or in the cloud. It facilitates instant access to all major cloud providers such as AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Oracle Cloud, and Azure. Users can run their jobs, including test jobs or custom jobs, on any of the major cloud providers and switch between them.

“This will solve cloud migration challenges for HPC organizations by making it easy to provision nodes in the cloud without requiring any new expertise or training,” said Art Allen, CEO of Adaptive Computing. “By making it easy to rapidly spin up a cluster, NODUS will accelerate time-to-results for both commercial industries and research organizations.”

NODUS enables HPC agility, seamless integration of cloud, and unlimited scale for HPC workloads. It is highly customizable and can satisfy multiple use cases and scenarios.

Working in High-Performance Computing ecosystems can be very complex, and one of the key challenges is migrating HPC workloads into Cloud Environments. NODUS has simplified this process and is making HPC cloud strategies more accessible than ever before.


About Adaptive Computing

Adaptive Computing manages some of the world’s largest computing installations. Our leadership in IT decision engine software has been recognized with over 45 patents and more than over a decade of user experience battle-tested performance, resulting in a solid Fortune 500 and Top500 supercomputing customer base.

Adaptive Computing’s mission is to bring higher levels of decision, control, and self-optimization to the challenges of deploying and managing large and complex IT environments, enabling them to accelerate business performance at a reduced cost.

For more information or to request a NODUS POC, contact Sue DeGram, Director of Marketing at Adaptive Computing Enterprises, Inc.

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