Cloud Demo Videos


Moab Cloud Suite: Capacity and Service Performance Optimization

See how Moab’s unique governance policies automate getting 2-3x greater utilization out of your capacity to save you money while ensuring SLAs are met for applications to improve user and customer experience for the services run on your cloud. (2:21)

Moab Cloud Suite: Automate Usage Accounting & Availability

Take a quick tour of how Moab’s powerful usage accounting features prevent resource waste and align everyone’s interests by enabling cost transparency, quota enforcement, and pay-per-use. You’ll also learn how Moab Cloud Suite can enable you to guarantee resource availability, meet availability SLAs and automate maintenance tasks. ¬†(2:48)

Moab Cloud Suite: Service Creation & Optimized Placement

Take a deep dive on how Moab Cloud Suite’s service catalog and portal enables admins to ¬†easily design and manage cloud services so that users can create their own services in minutes with unique optimized placement policies that eliminate the risks of application issues, failures and costly management headaches. (2:48)