Service Guarantees

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SLA Enforcement and Resource Allocation

Service Guarantees are important to help ensure the system is utilized in a way that completes the “most important” work for achieving the organization’s top objectives. The better the system drives usage according to business level objectives, the more success an organization can realize. The following are examples of capabilities which contribute to delivering on service guarantees:

  • Group Sharing Policies
    Enforce Service Levels
    With group sharing policies, organizations get the controls they need to efficiently share a cluster between multiple groups and the ability to align resource usage to business objectives. Balance competing needs while still maintaining high utilization. For example, capabilities include Account and QoS credential rights, Hierarchical Fairshare, Advanced Prioritization, Preemption, and Administrative Reservations.
  • Auto-scale Capacity
    Auto Scale your Cluster with Additional Capacity to Meet SLA’s using Elastic Computing
    Elastic Computing allows Moab HPC Suite to add or remove resources from either a local resource pool, public/private remote resource pool or from within a shared cluster. This capability includes Moab monitoring wait times for workload and then triggering OpenStack, VMWare, HP-CMU, Bright Cluster Manager, other provisioning tools or Cloud APIs (Amazon, etc.) to provision additional resources to be under the workload manager’s control.
  • Docker Container Support
    Enable precise resource guarantees with Docker Container enforcement of resource limits
    Docker containers can be used to guarantee that jobs get a precise resource allocation (memory, CPU, etc.) when sharing resources on a node with other jobs.
  • Usage Accounting and Chargeback/Showback
    Manage Service Delivery with Usage-based Accounting, Enforcement, and optional Chargeback
    Accounting Manager is a fast, easy-to-use accounting management system that allows showback and chargeback for usage tracking and charging for resource or service usage in virtually any computing environments.