Cross-Platform Solutions

Cross-Platform Solutions

Adaptive Computing’s Cross-Platform Solutions can be purchased individually and applied across multiple third-party schedulers!

Bringing Ease-of-Use to HPC

Organizations commonly encounter increased heterogeneity of their underlying scheduler environment as hardware vendors bid differing solutions, peer departments set up different schedulers, and organizations pick up new systems through acquiring other entities. That’s why Adaptive Computing has extended its offerings to unify and simplify the experience of users, administrators, and managers across a broad range of schedulers/resource managers such as Moab Cloud HPC Suite, Torque, Slurm, SGE, Maui, PBS Pro, and LSF. 


Viewpoint Job Submission and Management Portal

Simplify the workload submission process for end-users with an easy-to-use job submission portal, which includes simple forms for basic submission or application templates which automatically apply submission best practices. The portal also includes a script builder to simplify editing of scripts, as well as integrated web-based file management.

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Reporting and Analytics

Gain insights that help you improve resource utilization and efficiency, achieve better capacity planning, and better align resources to mission objectives, by streaming resource usage and workload data into customizable reports and dashboards. Learn more »














Remote Visualization

Avoid purchasing high-end desktops for all workers by rendering applications remotely and visualizing locally through an integrated portal, thereby sharing expensive hardware, licenses, and GPU’s. Learn more »



Flexibly track and charge for resource or service usage. Perform deposits, withdrawals, transfers, and refunds while providing balance and usage feedback to users, managers, and system administrators. Learn more »


















Nitro High Throughput

Accelerate launch times for large volumes of small jobs. The Nitro HTC scheduler packages these many tasks into group requests and launches them up to hundreds of times faster than traditional schedulers. Learn more »