The University of Warwick

The University of Warwick chose to rely upon Moab Cloud for the HPC Suite from Adaptive Computing as they expanded their HPC capabilities. Upgrading their hardware was the most ambitious, complex HPC deployment they had attempted, and the project managers knew that they needed a job management system that could handle the increased workload. As they examined the workload management providers, Adaptive stood out with its robust Moab Cloud offering.

In the past, the university had primarily worked with interior departments. To meet service level agreements and give each customer the share of the system that they contracted for, Moab Cloud allowed them to work with different sets of policies to balance the mixed workload. Moab Cloud’s fair share capabilities adjust the resources that each job is allocated, based on the user’s department and their budget. 

Moab Cloud provided the university with the ability to organize not only traditional nodes, but its GPUs as well; further reducing the time spent manually managing jobs. It also gave them important job information, such as projecting when each job was expected to start, which further enhanced the level of service they provide to their customers.

“It was extremely important for us to maintain our level of customer service while we expanded our abilities,” noted Matt Ismail, HPC manager, University of Warwick. “With Moab, we can ensure fairness among our customers and make adjustments, dedicating more resources to jobs as necessary. It’s helped us become much more productive.”

With Moab in place to manage their scheduling needs, the University of Warwick has been able to accomplish more with their system than they had been able to previously. Seeing the success of the initiative, the university plans to expand its operations and open HPC services to more businesses in the community.