Digital Globe

Digital Globe


DigitalGlobe is a leading provider of commercial satellite imagery founded by scientists and satellite users with the goal of making high-quality images available for commercial application. DigitalGlobe owns and operates the most agile and sophisticated constellation of high-resolution commercial earth imaging satellites, which provides imagery to a broad group of verticals/industries.


Quickly turning DigitalGlobe’s raw satellite imagery big data into an understandable format and getting it into the appropriate hands can help thousands of people whether in emergency response, government or business planning, or getting everyone where they need to be with Google Earth maps. Those precious seconds are what sets DigitalGlobe apart as unique provider of high quality earth images and geospatial information.  They needed a HPC workload management system that could optimize getting more results faster to better service their customer.


Moab® HPC Suite – Enterprise Edition, using the Workload-optimized provisioning/allocation, intelligent, optimized scheduling, and auto-enforcement of SLAs capabilities along with premium support from Adaptive Computing to prevent downtime


Moab helps deliver their big data satellite imagery results faster and at a lower cost, optimizing the service and value delivered to DigitalGlobe customers including

  • Able to meet surges in demand and priorities
  • Faster delivery of big data satellite images to customers; deliver as fast as 120 min
  • Reduced cost for images
  • Able to collect 2 Petabytes of  raw imagery each year and turn it into 8 Petabytes of usable products for customers immediately


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