Adaptive Computing Identified as a Leading Provider of Dynamic Cloud by Top Research Firm


Adaptive Computing Delivers Both Private Cloud and Real-Time Infrastructure Solutions

Provo, Utah—May 2, 2011—Adaptive Computing, a leader in unified intelligent automation technology, today announced its inclusion in a Gartner February 2011 report by Donna Scott and Ronni Colville, “Provisioning and Configuration Management for Private Cloud Computing and Real-Time Infrastructure.” In the report, Adaptive Computing is identified as a vendor capable of delivering both private cloud computing and real-time infrastructure (RTI) solutions that offer resource elasticity and dynamic management.

“We believe Gartner’s research findings are an important confirmation of Adaptive Computing’s innovation in cloud computing and RTI,” said Michael Jackson, COO and president of Adaptive Computing. “We are pleased to be considered a vendor who can meet customer requirements across both of these areas today. We also go to market with leading technology companies such as HP, SGI and other top 5 vendors, which allows us to deliver dynamic private clouds to innovative enterprises of all sizes. Together we enable customers to access the full potential and benefits of adaptive and elastic cloud capabilities across the entire service lifecycle, through real-time infrastructure technology.”

Adaptive Computing’s Moab technology allows customers deploying private clouds to dynamically respond to changing business and environmental conditions, which increases service delivery, drives down costs and enables a greater overall return on cloud investments. Customers,including the world’s leading financial institution, benefit from agile, automated and adaptive cloud and data center environments that respond faster to business requests and automate across IT processes. Specifically, Moab automates the complex decision process of identifying, allocating and charging for resources, and dynamically meets incoming service requests and changing conditions across the service lifecycle to maximize utilization and ensure optimal service performance.

In addition, Gartner finds that, at the core of RTI functionality is dynamic elasticity and repurposing. Adaptive Computing’s Moab technology supports dynamic elasticity by managing key tasks including flagging resource conflicts, recommending the best course of action to resolve issues and radically reducing the time required to acquire, deliver and optimize fully functional compute platforms and services that are responsive to dynamic business conditions.

About Adaptive Computing

Adaptive Computing provides intelligent automation software for HPC, data center and cloud environments. The company’s infrastructure intelligence solutions, powered by Moab®, deliver policy-based governance, allowing customers to consolidate and virtualize resources, allocate and manage applications, optimize service levels and reduce operational costs. Adaptive Computing products manage the world’s largest computing installations and are the preferred intelligent automation solutions for the leading global HPC and data center vendors. For more information, call Adaptive Computing at (801) 717-3700 or visit

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