Adaptive Computing Announces 10x Scalability for High Throughput Computing and Next-Generation HPC Systems


Moab HPC 6.1 Offers Massive Scalability and Maximized GPGPU Utilization for Large-scale, Heterogeneous HPC Environments

ISC’11, HAMBURG, Germany—June 22, 2011—Adaptive Computing, a leader in unified intelligent automation technology, today announced significant enhancements to its Moab HPC product line to address the increasing complexity and scale of next-generation HPC systems. Moab 6.1 HPC delivers ten times the scalability for high throughput computing, significant productivity improvements and enhances control over job arrays and maximized GPGPU utilization for large-scale, heterogeneous HPC environments. The announcement confirms Adaptive Computing’s commitment to existing and new HPC and high throughput computing customers by addressing their increasingly advanced, complex needs.

Since its inception, Adaptive Computing’s Moab products have helped drive the innovation in the HPC market and is the preferred intelligent automation solution for the leading global HPC and data center vendors, managing the most scale-intensive and complex HPC environments in the world.

Generation 6.1 includes releases for Moab Cluster Suite™, Moab Grid Suite™ and Moab Adaptive HPC Suite™. New features and functionalities include:

  • 10x Scalability Improvements: With Moab 6.1, customers are now able to run more jobs faster, supporting the hundreds of thousands of job submissions demanded by high throughput computing and providing sub-second user command responsiveness.
  • Extended and Simplified Productivity Controls over Job Arrays: Moab 6.1 offers extended control over job array submissions to ensure SLAs and resource sharing policies are enforced with usage limit policies that administer number of job maximums by credentials or class. New, simplified reporting and management of job arrays provide filtering that allows jobs to be summarized, tracked and managed at the master job level. Additionally, in Moab Grid Suite, 6.1 includes enhanced grid workload management options for job arrays allowing users to select optimal placement across clusters or require single cluster placement.
  • Advanced GPGPU Scheduling and Management: Building on Adaptive Computing’s unique management abstraction layer that integrates and organizes the chaos of complex heterogeneous IT environments to maximize control and optimization, Moab 6.1maximizes GPGPU utilization. The new generation offers automatic detection, scheduling, and policy-based management of individual GPGPUs for each job with statistics on its utilization as well as key metrics for issue diagnostics.
  • Additional enhancements include simplified installation with the new Moab Solution Installer that guides customers through the basic installation process faster and the ability to install only client commands on additional machines. As well as user interface framework enhancements that enable customers to simplify job submission, reporting and training for users and administrators for improved productivity.

“We’re excited to deliver the scalable and intelligent technology our customers need to control and maximize their large-scale, heterogeneous HPC and high throughput computing environments,” says Michael Jackson, president of Adaptive Computing. “The Moab family of products is already trusted by the most security-sensitive and scale-intensive computing environments in the world, including leading international banks, government agencies, manufacturers, healthcare and service organizations and global commercial enterprises.”


Moab HPC 6.1 will be available July 2011 for Moab Cluster Suite, Moab Grid Suite and Moab Adaptive HPC Suite. For more information, please visit

About Adaptive Computing

Adaptive Computing provides intelligent automation software for HPC, data center and cloud environments. The company’s infrastructure intelligence solutions, powered by Moab®, deliver policy-based governance, allowing customers to consolidate and virtualize resources, allocate and manage applications, optimize service levels and reduce operational costs. Adaptive Computing products manage the world’s largest computing installations and are the preferred intelligent automation solutions for the leading global HPC and data center vendors. For more information, call Adaptive Computing at (801) 717-3700 or visit

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