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Free Training Webinar

Using Moab’s SLA-Centric Policies to Create a More Intelligent Compute Environment

Wed., July 14, 1:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. EDT

Is your compute environment limiting what jobs can be run, and when? Or are your incoming and calendared jobs determining how your environment is provisioned and allocated to handle the workload? . . .

  • Are some Linux jobs delayed because they need a different “flavor” of Linux and must wait until current Linux nodes are idle and can be reprovisioned, often while siloed Windows nodes sit idle?
  • Are some Windows jobs delayed, even though a sufficient number of idle nodes are available but provisioned with other OSes?
  • Do a lot of idle nodes stay fully powered for long periods of time because it’s too much hassle to power them down and back up again to save a little electricity?
  • Have you resorted to siloing your environment in an effort to “protect” resources to satisfy job requests?

The solution to all these costly and inefficient scenarios is to put Moab’s intelligent policy engine to work.

  • With Moab, you no longer need to create silos to protect resources for upcoming jobs. Instead, allow Moab to dynamically modify the environment based on job requests.
  • Need a Windows node, but they’re all busy? Moab will find an idle node and swap its operating system to Windows.
  • Moab ensures that your compute environment is not restricting the types of jobs that can be run. Instead, upcoming jobs will determine how your environment is configured from moment to moment.

Join us for a free online demo of how Moab helps you intelligently put hardware resources to full use by employing on-demand multi-OS swapping, energy-aware computing, and other SLA-centric policies.

Register now by going to—http://support.adaptivecomputing.com/training


Moab Version Updates

Viewpoint 1.1 and 1.2 for HPC Environments Announced This Month

Adaptive Computing has announced important new releases of Moab Viewpoint™, the next-gen self-service Web portal for Moab users.

These new releases are engineered specifically for the HPC environment. (Moab Viewpoint 1.0, announced April 19, is geared to private cloud creation and management.)

Working with the proven capabilities of Moab Cluster Suite® and Moab Adaptive HPC Suite™ as well as Moab Adaptive Computing Suite™, Moab Viewpoint 1.1 and 1.2 will enable organizations running the world’s leading supercomputers to implement HPC as a service (HPCaaS) and workload-driven HPC cloud architectures.

Together, the new releases enable organizations to provide applications and resources as services for compute-intensive environments and significantly reduce the burdensome requirement of understanding exactly how applications interact with the underlying system architecture.

New Moab Viewpoint features include—

  • New gadgets for Viewpoint’s pluggable architecture, such as “My Workload,” provide an intuitive interface for users to manage HPC jobs, services, and resources.
  • Enhanced administration capabilities allow the identification and management of “troubled workloads” that have been blocked by policy violations, system failures, or other issues.
  • Cloud-management functionality enables users and administrators to implement HPC cloud architectures and services and to submit and manage HPC workloads, including job submission, canceling, and re-queuing capabilities.
  • Policy-management functions ensure that cloud service-level agreements are met.
  • Flexible billing support allows organizations to customize accounting and cost-allocation systems.
  • New reporting, charting, and graphing tools provide users and service managers with information needed to optimize use and delivery of services.

The current and announced versions of Moab Viewpoint, with notes about availability and key functionalities, are summarized in the table above.

Moab Viewpoint™ Version Releases—2010
Version ReleaseDate For Use with Moab 5.4 Version of Key Functionality
1.0 April 2010 Moab Adaptive Computing Suite Next-generation Web 2.0 self-service portal for the creation and management of VPCs; manages physical and virtual servers
1.1 June 2010 Moab Cluster Suite
Moab Adaptive HPC Suite
Moab Adaptive Computing Suite
Addresses specific requirements of HPC workloads
1.2 August 2010 Delivers enhanced HPC cloud administration



Upcoming Events

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HP Technology Forum
June 21–24, Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, Nevada

GigaOM Structure 2010
June 23, 10:50 a.m. panel discussion with Michael Jackson Mission Bay Conference Center, San Francisco, California

IBM System x Technical University
July 26–30, Washington, DC

Supercomputing 2010
November 13–19, New Orleans, Louisiana


Moab in the News

Adaptive Computing has enjoyed a good number of press mentions and full articles in a variety of industry publications during the last month. May we recommend some worthwhile brief reading? …

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Integration Developer News

“Adaptive Updates Moab to Automate, Manage Cloud,” by Vance McCarthy, May 24, 2010


“Adaptive Computing Introduces Smarter Moab Suite,” May 11, 2010



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