Tools for Submitting Questions and Support Issues for Moab 9.0

Author: Jason Booth, Technical Account Manager

Moab 9.0 will be announced on November 17, and with any new release comes a series of new features and tools, and with any new set of features comes questions. Moab 9.0 includes a tool known as ‘’ that can help when submitting questions or support issues to Adaptive Computing. Support-diag was developed to gather information about the High Performance Computing (HPC) environment and ease the process of opening support tickets. As a user of Adaptive Computing products, it is recommended that you submit the output of ‘’ with a support ticket when you have questions or issues.

Help desk (customer care team) glossy blue reflected square butt

This tool is located under your installation of Moab in the tools directory. Most sites will choose the default location, which is ‘/opt/moab’. This new version has several added features that include the option to only gather information about a single application in your software stack.

To submit a generic ‘’ output to Adaptive Computing run:

python -t <support ticket number>


[root@support-mpi moab]# python -t 111222

*** Please do NOT restart your HPC services while this script is running. ***

Writing diagnostics to: /tmp/support-mpi.2015-10-19_4-23-29.111222/


Threads still active:1 timeout in ‘seconds’: (306))

Compressing: moab.2015-10-19_4-23-29.111222.tar.gz into /tmp/

I will now ssh the file to Adaptive.


When prompted for a password enter “******”

*********************************************’s password:


100%   62MB 20.7MB/s   00:03

SCP has completed for moab.2015-10-19_4-23-29.111222.tar.gz

Remove tmp output dir? : /tmp/moab.2015-10-19_4-23-29.111222/

Enter (Y/N) :y

Removing tmp dir: /tmp/moab.2015-10-19_4-23-29.111222/


To gather information about a specific piece of the software stack use the exclusion options.

-v, –no-vp, –without-viewpoint

Disable viewpoint diagnostics.

-w, –no-mws, –without-mws

Disable mws diagnostics.

-a, –no-mam, –without-mam

Disable mam diagnostics.

-x, –no-os, –without-os

Disable os diagnostics.

-c, –no-cray, –without-cray

Disable Cray diagnostics.

-s, –no-slurm, –without-slurm

Disable SLURM diagnostics.

-m, –no-moab, –without-moab

Disable Moab diagnostics.

-q, –no-torque, –without-torque

Disable TORQUE diagnostics.


[root@moab moab]# python –no-torque -t 111222

Support-diag is a powerful tool and can help streamline the process with support issues by gathering information about your HPC system. Save some time and submit your support ticket with the support-diag output attached.