Moab 9.0 – Viewpoint

Author: Nick Ihli, Director of Field Services

I don’t necessarily limit myself to a number of words for my blog posts, but I like to keep it below 1000 words. Well, since they say a picture is worth a thousand words, I’ll just paste a screenshot of the new Viewpoint job submission Web portal and call it good…..

Viewpoint screen shot 9

But that would be too easy.

We are excited about how Viewpoint provides a window into Moab, making many of the day-to-day interactions a user has with Moab all the more simple.

For the user, Viewpoint makes it easier to submit jobs increasing their productivity and limiting job failures due to incorrect job submission.

For an administrator, Viewpoint helps manage user requests with less time. Questions like “Why is my job not running” are now easily answered through the portal so either the admin can more quickly tell the user or the user can now better help themselves. If you are teaching a user to fish, Viewpoint is the fishing pole. Admins also can now better understand how the system is being utilized now, in the past, and what the future looks like.

Here is a little mini walkthrough of some of the portal functionality. To try it out for yourself, send an us an email.

Once a user logs in, they are shown a dashboard that provides access to and overview details of all their jobs. From here, the user can dive into more job details, access the graphical file system viewer or create a job.


Viewpoint Screen Shot 2


When creating job, a user is shown published templates. Loading a template provides a form that is built specifically for that user or application. The user fills out the fields and clicks submit. No knowledge of the scheduling environment or job script writing is required. A template can be as open (providing access to many options) or as limiting as is needed.


Viewpoint Screen Shot 4


An Administrator or a user can create a template and then publish them to specific users, groups, or accounts. The template builder contains fields of Moab scheduling options broken up into to main sections, basic and advanced settings. These fields, and corresponding inputs, are marked as viewable and/or editable, or hidden, toggling what a user will see when using the template.


Viewpoint Screen shot 5


The most important part of the template builder is the script builder. This is the job script that is submitted to Moab. The script is associated with the template and generalized a little where custom application specific inputs are transferred from the template submission to the job script at submission time. The user needs no knowledge of job scripting. A user simply answers a few questions and submits the job.


Viewpoint screen shot 8


For job management users and admins have access to job details that provide information such as what resource the job is using, graphical CPU statistics, and details on why a job is not running or problems with a job. Basically, it is similar information that is found in the checkjob output.


The admin dashboard shows a greater level of detail than the user dashboard. As there is more information on all users’ jobs and nodes as well.


Viewpoint screen shot 9

The file system browser allows a user to perform all standard file system operations such as copy, move, compress, download/upload, and delete, while adhering to the file systems permissions. A user may never even need to leave the portal to accomplish much of their daily HPC job operations.


Viewpoint screenshot 10


The above is just a sample of what Viewpoint provides administrators and users. Our mission with Viewpoint is to make the life easier by removing job failures, lessening the need for understanding of the scheduling environment, and exposing what is happening in the HPC system so the better decisions can be made about future policies and hardware purchasing decisions. Viewpoint will continue to grow in capabilities as it is a major focus of our product development and we have many new features lined up that will be added over the coming months. We are excited to share it with you. Again, if you are interested in learning more about Viewpoint, contact us.