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An Introduction to Basic Docker Commands

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Author: Chad Vizino, Software Engineer In my last article I wrote about Linux containers and how they provide a nimble alternative to setting up a Linux environment using a virtual machine. I also introduced Docker, a container management system that has become very popular due to its ease of use. In this article I’ll present […]

Moab 9.0 – Viewpoint

Author: Nick Ihli, Director of Field Services I don’t necessarily limit myself to a number of words for my blog posts, but I like to keep it below 1000 words. Well, since they say a picture is worth a thousand words, I’ll just paste a screenshot of the new Viewpoint job submission Web portal and […]

Tools for Submitting Questions and Support Issues for Moab 9.0

Author: Jason Booth, Technical Account Manager Moab 9.0 will be announced on November 17, and with any new release comes a series of new features and tools, and with any new set of features comes questions. Moab 9.0 includes a tool known as ‘’ that can help when submitting questions or support issues to Adaptive […]

Getting HPC/HTC Workloads To Their Destination Safely and Timely

Author: Corin Kockenower, Senior Software Engineer Has configuration drift in your HPC/HTC cluster been the root cause for inconsistent job runtimes, failures, or even non-deterministic results? Whether your job is to cure cancer, or to administer an HPC/HTC cluster, configuration management/automation tools provide both HPC/HTC cluster users and administrators invaluable tools to setup, monitor (event […]

Job Schedulers and Malleable/Evolving Jobs – 02

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Author: Gary D. Brown, Adaptive Computing HPC Product Manager Introduction In Part 2 of this 4-part blog series, we discussed the scalability problems associated with ever-larger HPC systems and compute nodes, the newer programming models and runtime environments that allow faster computation and better system utilization, the taxonomy of jobs (rigid, moldable, malleable, evolving, adaptive) […]

Adaptive Computing Deploys Converged HPC, Cloud & Big Data for The Hospital for Sick Children & University Health Network’s Princess Margaret Cancer Centre

Provo, Utah (October 13, 2015) – Adaptive Computing, which powers many of the world’s largest private cloud and HPC environments with its Moab optimization and scheduling software, today announced that they have fully deployed Moab 8.1 at the High Performance Computing for Health Sciences, also known as HPC4Health, which today consists of The Hospital for […]

Data Staging

Author: Tech Support In HPC, there are often times when data needs to be processed as part of the job workflow. Many times that data does not reside on the compute node and needs to be “Staged” in. In traditional, Torque-only, job submission staging, jobs must wait until the data are moved into place and […]

Introduction to Linux Containers – Part 1

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Author: Chad Vizino, Software Engineer Over the past year, I’ve had the occasion to use Linux containers (containers) in a software development setting for testing purposes and I have found them to be very useful. However, I was recently introduced to two other interesting use cases and I would like to share them with you. […]

Message from the CTO: The Future of Cloud

Author:  David Jackson, CTO, Adaptive Computing David has been a pioneer of HPC, grid, and cloud solutions. He was just awarded his 80th patent on cloud management, cloud bursting, and cloud brokering. Cloud is everywhere…It is pervasive and it is rapidly changing both our professional and personal lives. For IT professionals, instant access to remote […]