Getting the Most Out of Your Support Experience

As Director of Technical Support here at Adaptive Computing, I read each and every support case submitted, regardless of who submits it. As you can imagine, over the years I’ve seen some very interesting cases. The range of complexity is staggering. For example, some cases only ask where to download the Moab product(s). Others, however, ask far more complex design questions involving such things as multiple levels of reservations, queue definitions, node attributes, access control flags, and priority-based queuing. Still others ask for a feature to be introduced into the product that might make their life easier, and possibly others’ as well.

Regardless of the case, here are some guidelines that will ensure your support experience is handled in a timely and efficient manner:

  1. Over-document: In nearly every instance, I can guarantee we’ll need more information about your case. By providing as much background, configuration, and re-producible methods as possible, you give us a head-start on solving your issue.
  2. Label Clearly: We use the subject field to filter on cases as we review them. With many cases in the support queue, a clearly worded subject helps us process your request more efficiently.
  3. Utilize the support-diag script: This script provides a wealth of configuration and logging data that helps us troubleshoot the issue at hand. Click here to learn more about the ins and outs of this amazing tool.
  4. Communicate: Many times we send follow-up emails that go unanswered. I realize that sometimes by the time you get around to entering a support request, you may have moved on to other issues, but following up with requests for additional configuration or situational data helps us to help you in a timely fashion.
  5. Escalate: Every once in a while, you may not receive the immediate attention you believe your issue deserves. We have dedicated, hard-working technical support employees, all with support queues to manage and issues to debug and replicate. They are amazing. If ever you feel like it’s taking too long, please call me or send me an email.
  6. Replicate, replicate, and replicate: If at all possible, reproduce your problem and document the replication steps in the case history. This greatly increases efficiency when diagnosing those tricky issues, especially if we have to replicate the issue in-house.
  7. Patience: “One who smiles rather than rages is always the stronger.” -Japanese proverb. We make every effort to make sure you have an enlightening experience with our company.
  8. Survey: Help us improve your interaction by filling out our survey and commenting on your experience.

These are just a few tricks that I have found may help you get the most out of your technical support session. Enjoy.